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After announcing its principle of global environmental management both inside and outside the company, Hyundai has sought growth in which profit and environmental preservation are balanced.In addition, Hyundai has established its 2020 strategy for ecofriendly vehicles as part of its contribution to the creation of sustainable society. Through continuous R&D over the past 20 years, we have created diverse eco-friendly systems and succeeded in producing parts crucial to clean mobility. We have proved our eco-friendly vehicle technology with the launch of Tucson FCEV, the worlds first fuel cell electric vehicle successfully mass-produced. We plan to apply this innovative technology across our line-up, including electric and hybrid vehicles. We also plan to improve the fuel efficiency of our conventional internal combustion vehicles by 25% by 2020.

Kia Motors is one of Korea's leading automakers. Since its foundation in 1944, the company has grown into a global brand(74th leading brand worldwide), selling more than three million vehicles per year through its 19 sales offices and 4,821 dealerships in overseas markets. Driving this success is continual R&D activities and investiments that have given birth to a comprehensive lineup of vehicles spanning all segments and types, and other major markets around the world. Kia Motors will maintain a balanced approach to addressing the diverse interests of stakeholders as a responsible global corporate citizen with the highest priority placed on the sustainability of the planet.