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MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG is currently considered one of the most accomplished manufacturers of dynamometers, vehicle lifts and test devices. Takes great pride that each step of product development, from the planning phase to the assembled machinery, is completed at the modern MAHA production facilities in Haldenwang. The "Made-in-Haldenwang" seal underlines its commitment to continuing high quality products.

MAHA employs over 1,200 staff worldwide. The company is represented in over 150 countries, via agencies and its own branch offices. This allows it to provide customers the world over with high-quality testing and lifting equipment.

Since 1994 APM Engineering Co, Ltd is the Korean company specialized in Air Quality Monitoring and Analyzing field with fully experienced technicians.

We have been producing PM2.5 Sequential Sampler, PM10 Sampler, Sequential VOCs and Formaldehyde Sampler. We also have been representing several cutting edge products in Korea for world leading environmental manufactures, such as Aerosol Mass Spectrometer for Aerodyne, PTR-MS for Ionicon, , Aethalometer for Magee, OC/EC Analyzer for Sunset, BTEX Analyzer for Synspec, Particle Sizer, Monitor and Filter Test System for TSI, and Ambient Particulate Ion Monitor for URG.

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Since 1992, KNJ is without a doubt one of the most experienced supplier of Air Pollution Equipments in this field as specialist. KNJ has many years of experience in manufacturing supplying, installing, commissioning, testing(sampling), servicing and maintaining ambient/indoor air quality sampling and monitoring systems (AQMS-O3, CO, SO3, NOx, PM10, PM2.5 etc.) continuous emission monitoring systems(CEM-Dust, O2, CO, NO, SO2, HC, F/T, etc.), Industrial Hygiene and source Sampling system.

Owing to our best experience KNJ is respected by central and local Government, Institutes, University and Private Industry concerned with the sampling and monitoring of air pollutants. And also KNJ has built KNJ calibration center as KNJ Environmental research and technology center for the more extensive service. KNJ has especially top ranking sales record for Source Sampling Equipments such as Stack Sampler (US EPA Method 5/17/23), Gas sampler(US EPA Method 6, 7, 18, 26 and VOST) according to Korea Air Pollution Testing method, predominant market share in Korea as leading company.

KNJ's for the first time, trained Dioxin sampling from an Incinerator, Ambient, Indoor and any other back ground to Korea EPA in 1996 year. KNJ has particularly experienced Green House Gas, Mercury(Hg) and hazardous gas(HF, HCl etc.) and VOC/Odor Analysis. KNJ is always at your position.

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Toyota is one of the world's leading automotive companies, dedicated to bringing reliable, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

Toyota pioneered the 'just-in-time' approach to production that has now gained almost universal acceptance in manufacturing.

In constant pursuit of building "ever-better" cars, Toyota developed the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Prius, and the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai.

In 2015, the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 was announced consisting of six challenges, covering all aspects of Toyota's business. All these challenges, whether in climate change or resource and water recycling, reflect Toyota's commitment in realizing its goal of sustainable development.

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Renault Samsung Motors (CEO Dong-Hoon PARK), founded in 2000 September, is an automaker based in Busan, Korea. The company is diversifying its line-ups (SM3, SM5, SM6, SM7, QM3, QM5, QM6 and SM3 Z.E.), and is consolidating its own brand and identity based on a close tie with Renault-Nissan Alliance. Renault Samsung Motors has a manufacturing plant in Busan, one of the best efficient production sites within Renault group. Renault Samsung Motors has its own R&D center (Renault Technology Korea) and Design center (Renault Design Asia) in Giheung, in which the company is developing the next generation models of Renault group. The company has been making a significant contribution to Korean automotive industry and the nations economic growth. Renault Samsung Motors, taking the product quality as the first priority, was awarded with the first prizes in the various customer satisfaction research.

In response to the demand of the automotive industry, Renault Samsung Motors will continue to improve the competitive edge in design, quality, and art of technology to drive a sustainable growth.

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POSCO is the largest fully integrated steel producer in Korea, and one of the largest steel producers in the world, based on annual crude steel production. We produced approximately 42.0 million tons of crude steel in 2015, a substantial portion of which was produced at Pohang Works and Gwangyang Works. We believe Pohang Works and Gwangyang Works are two of the most technologically advanced integrated steel facilities in the world. We manufacture and sell a diversified line of steel products, including cold rolled and hot rolled products, stainless steel products, plates, wire rods and silicon steel sheets, and we are able to meet a broad range of customer needs from manufacturing industries that consume steel, including automotive, shipbuilding, home appliance, engineering and machinery industries.

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